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The Impact of Etiquette Africa Club in Nigerian Schools

Etiquette Africa Club, running as a co-curriculum in schools is ensuring the sustainability of our endeavours in promoting civility in Nigeria and Africa at large. With the very detailed club activity schedule, club members get to deepen their knowledge of the principles of Etiquette and personal refinement, engage in public speaking activities within and outside club meetings, experience structural leadership and learn corporate governance, and promote civility within and outside their schools

Deepening Knowledge and Personal Refinement:

By providing detailed sessions on the principles of etiquette and personal refinement, the club empowers members to develop a deeper understanding of courteous behavior and self-improvement.

Fostering Leadership Skills

The club structure provides avenues for experiencing leadership roles, enabling members to learn essential skills such as teamwork, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

Promoting Civility within Schools and Beyond

Etiquette Africa Club members actively promote civility not only within their school communities but also in broader societal contexts. Through community outreach initiatives, service projects, and awareness campaigns, students serve as ambassadors for respectful behavior and positive social change.

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