What's Streetiquette all about

Through engaging conversations with everyday people, we explore the nuances of social behavior, uncovering a treasure trove of insights and perspectives. From the courteous gestures that make a community thrive to the moral dilemmas we face in our daily lives, Streetiquette sheds light on the unwritten rules that shape our interactions.

Impact of Streetiquette

Promoting Cultural Understanding

By showcasing diverse viewpoints from Lagos and Abuja, Streetiquette fosters a greater understanding of cultural norms and values. It celebrates the richness of Nigeria’s societal tapestry while promoting empathy and respect for different perspectives.

Encouraging Reflection

Streetiquette prompts viewers to reflect on their own behavior and attitudes towards etiquette and morality. It serves as a mirror, encouraging introspection and inspiring positive change in individual conduct.

Community Engagement

Through its interactive format, Streetiquette sparks conversations within communities, igniting discussions on important societal issues. By bringing these conversations to the forefront, the program encourages collective efforts towards building a more harmonious and respectful society.

Be part of us

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